Our Team


Kingsley Advani - Founding Partner

Kingsley Advani is Partner at Chainfund Capital, a venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley with offices in San Francisco, Dubai, and Singapore. He first started investing in FinTech in 2013 and has since backed 3 billion dollar companies from an early stage. Kingsley’s first fund returned over 5,000% and his story went viral on Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, ADVFN and Business Insider.

He has invested $500m+ in FinTech with his investment partners, deploying capital into top companies like Coinbase, Robinhood, Bakkt, eToro and Securitize. Kingsley’s second fund, which is backed by ultra high net worths including a US billionaire, is focused on finance 3.0; investing in investment tools, payment infrastructure and capital markets infrastructure.


Luis Brecci - Partner

Luis Brecci is a highly specialized corporate and tech lawyer with years of experience in corporate law, blockchain, cross-border deals and M&A.

With a JD, LBA, LLM from Cornell University, and command of 6 languages, Luis has made a name for himself as one of the most dynamic and experienced legal advisors in the rapidly growing FinTech and Venture Capital industries.

Prior to joining Chainfund Capital, Luis founded the only EOS law firm in the world and worked across 3 continents as a corporate lawyer.


Jonnie Emsley - Analyst

Jonnie Emsley has done due diligence on $200m+ worth of early-stage venture deals, published hundreds of articles on FInTech in top publications, and backed a unicorn from early-stage.


Jessica Reiner - Operations

Jessica Reiner is a seasoned executive professional with years of experience running operations for top venture capital firms.